Noobs WIth Epics

Ganking Orcs and Chasing Murlocs since 2010

Guild Raiding Info

Raiding in  6.2

Message From Duth

To all raiders, going forward I will be bringing back raid bans for those who accept and do not turn up as well as those who arrive late without prior notice. If you have no way of contacting one of us either via Facebook or then feel free to ask for my number or someone else’s so you can send a text. There have been too many nights where the majority are held up waiting and wondering if one or two people are coming. This is over. Don’t turn up and you get a one or two week ban, keep it up and you get removed from the team permanently. Obviously some exceptions will be made for extreme circumstances.

Also there will be no more joining in raid late unless you have previously said you will be late.

With 6.2 coming we will be moving to heroic straight away, there will be no more normal no matter what. If turn out is bad then it will be a skip day or fun run. If people consistently don’t turn up then they will be replaced.

Rules of Raiding With Noobs With Epics

Normal blah about correct gemming, reforging, upgrading, food and flasks. It is up to each player to ensure that their character is maximised. It is not fair on people who have worked hard to maximise their character if others don’t do the same. Take a look at your character and decide what you need to do to ensure it will contribute to the raid. Any issues I spot I will have a chat with the individuals involved. Raids officially start at 19.30 uk (20.30 server) on Monday and Wednesdays- even if we actually aren’t physically in the instance whacking stuff at that time. Leave your egos at the raid entrance, shout up on Vent, add ideas on strategies – we expect people to contribute to the success and smooth running of the team.

This is split into four sections:

1. Priorities                 2. Gear                 3. Vent                 4. Loot

1 – Priorities

The rules for accepting raids and who takes priority can be confusing.  Therefore I wanted to try to clarify the rules here:

i.                     There are two main orders of priority – raid acceptance, and raid member status.

ii.                   Raid Acceptance means that those who have Accepted a raid will take priority over those who are signed as Tentative, who will then also take priority over those who have not replied.  This is irrespective of raid member status.

iii.                  Raid Member Status comes in if we are over-subscribed to a raid and only AFTER Raid Acceptance.  Those who are members of the raid team take priority over those who are standby, who take priority over pugs and “guests”.

iv.                 If there are more people available than space in the raid after applying the above then the timestamp on your Raid Acceptance will be taken on a first come first served basis.

v.                   If you have Accepted or signed as Tentative for a raid but are not online when invites go out (without previously letting the Raid Leader know you will be late) then you will not be considered in the above and your space will go to someone else.  If someone is invited and accepts before you come online, you will not raid (unless another space is available).

vi.                 If a standby takes your place on a Wednesday then they take priority for your space on a Monday, unless you have previously agreed with them.  Please note this only applies to your space, they do not take priority over any other person.  Furthermore, this only relates to Standbys – not pugs.

vii.                If you are absent for a period of time then you will be treated as a standby – i.e. if you can get on during a day you thought you might be absent you will not be guaranteed a raid place – irrespective of whether you have let the Raid Leader know (this is to avoid the Raid Leader having someone take your place only to be find you are online and then let that person down).

viii.              Excessive or continuous absence may mean members will be dropped to standbys and a standby will be promoted to take your place to maintain the core raiding team.  Standbys, unless requested, will not be dropped from the team.

ix.                 Depending on whether the Raid Leader can login, the invite may be locked the evening before the actual raid takes place.  Therefore, please try to confirm your availability before this point.

2 – Gear

i.                     It is expected you come to the raid fully gemmed, reforged and enchanted

ii.                   It is expected you come to the raid with enough flasks to last the evening

iii.                  Unless someone has already specified that they can provide food, you should come to the raid with your own food (of raid quality) and, preferably, food for others 🙂

iv.                 These rules will not immediately cause a person to not be able to raid (apologies for double negative), but may do if they continue to be ignored.

3 – Vent

i.                     You should log vent as soon as you accept the invite to the raid, if not before

ii.                   Not speaking on vent is fine during conversation/banter.  It is not fine during a fight.  Especially if you need a heal/dispel/leap of faith etc.  If you are not prepared to speak on vent then let your Raid Leader know and they will help you by removing you from the team.

iii.                  If your microphone breaks you will be moved to standby (if you are a member) until you obtain a new one.  As a standby, if you do not have a microphone then it will be Raid Leader’s discretion as to whether this will cause an issue with the raid and, depending on the fights, you may not be able to raid at all until you have a replacement.

Vent Details are : host: NWE.RAIDVENT.COM port: 4054 and the password is in the guild info tab in game

4 – Loot

Note – these rules relate to all epic random and boss loot drops

i.                     If you do not need something, or cannot use something, then greed.

ii.                   If you need something for main spec, then need

iii.                  If you need something for off spec, then need and say on vent or in raid chat that it is for your offspec.  If someone has a main spec roll then they will take priority whether their roll is higher or not.




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