Noobs WIth Epics

Ganking Orcs and Chasing Murlocs since 2010

About Us

Some Tidbits about the guild

  • Noobs With Epics has been around since March 2010 and is a Raiding guild on the realm Bronze Dragonflight.
  • Noobs Wih Epics has 6 officers who answer to the mighty bear GM – Dúthomhas
  • The Officers are Killswitcch, Caustic, Yearana, Hotalot, Sprax and Ranurfin.
  • The guild currently has a core heroic raid team of 10-20 players that raid weekly.
  • Meta runs and mount runs happen weekly even with a fun Friday night raiding LFR on alts.
  • The guild has reached player cap on numerous occasions (1000 Members) but normally sits with 500-600 active characters on over 300 unique accounts
  • Guild chat is the place to be so if you like seeing green chat you will be happy here 🙂
  • The guild have an active social group on Facebook, feel free to join if your a guildie >>
  • People from all walks of like in the guild, from IT workers, to students, medical works and shop assistants, everyone is equal here! for the fun of wow and noobs

A Few Video’s Created over the years…



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