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Noobs Guild Lotto Has Started!

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So its going to be like my last guild lotto back in MOP, the more you guys put in the more you get out of it. What I mean by that is the more tickets purchased overall means the quality of “swag” improves! Check the picture below to see the swag up for offer

So ticket prices are 1000 of your finest in game gold or a donation to the Just Giving Page For Macmillan Cancer Support. As some of you are aware I’m doing a 26 mile hike for Macmillan and any additional donations from you guys will get you tickets for this lotto (prices per ticket below) ( remember to put your name / character name in the comment so i know who you are)

Now I know that alot of folks out there haven’t got the funds and that’s perfectly OK, so if you fancy getting some prizes you can play with in game currency everyone has the same chance of winning!

There isn’t a cap on how many tickets you can buy and for every £1 (2 euro) donated will get you a ticket as-well, (if you donate £10 you get 10 tickets etc etc…) or (10000g will get you 10 tickets)

So if your getting your tickets in game send your gold into Duth, Caustic, Killswittch or Yearana and your name will be added to the list or if your making a donation click this just giving link and i’ll add your tickets to the list

The lotto will be open for 30 days (so the last tickets can be given out before the 10/8/2015). I’ll use to pick out the winners (i’ll video it like last time) from the list so its fair and a final list will be posted before rolling for the winners.

Take Note *** Some of these items are physical real life items and to get them i’ll have to know your Name, address and country you live in. If your under 16 your going to have to get permission so i don’t get in trouble when a parcel turns up on your doorstep! If you win a real life item but don’t want to disclose your information (i.e don’t want to receive it) you can substitute it for a Battle Pet

Good Luck Everyone!






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